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Allison Graves Comments "We can't imagine a birthing experience without Kathy! Our goal was a natural birth, but it wasn't meant to be. Kathy helped us honor our birthing plan for as long as possible. She is the most compassionate, giving, supportive, dedicated person. "

Heidi & Greg Thiele Comments "The service Kathy blessed us with was thorough and complete. She provided valuable information before the birth, supported us during the birth, and continued to support us after the birth."

Jennifer Bass Comments "Kathys support through both my daughters births was amazing. She helped me birth drug free and anxiety free both times and I will look back fondly on my birthing experiences for my lifetime. She is highly recommended to every pregnant woman I meet. "

Genevieve Eisan Comments "After having a previous c-section, I knew I didn't want to go through that again. I can say, without reservation, that without Kathy, our attempt at a VBAC would have been unsuccessful. She is a blessing and an amazing person!"

Wendy Britton Comments "Kathy was such an important part of my birth experience. She helped to make Sarah's birth wonderful and a memory to be cherished."

Haley Hayes Comments "My goal was to experience natural childbirth free from any drugs. Kathy was wonderful in helping me achieve this. She made my birth experience very special and one my husband and I will never forget."

Quincy Brown Comments "Kathy was so wonderful during labor and delivery. I had the natural birth experience that I wanted. I could not have done it without her."

Paul and Julie Tully Comments "Kathy was incredible before, during and after labor. She helped me achieve the unmedicated birth we were looking for. I can't wait for my next pregnancy and delivery. We will use her again."

Joy Comments "Kathy helped make my two births some of the best memories I have. Her presence was calming and reassuring which allowed me to enjoy the moment. Words can't describe how much I valued her presence and assistance in my two births. What a blessing!"

Maximilian K's Mom Comments "Hiring Kathy was the best thing I did for myself. Most of the classes prepare you for how the hospital would like your birth experience to progress, Kathy is the insider on your side. She buys you time when a decision needs to be made."

Kami and Alan Comments "Our birth experience was very rewarding and we received such strong supportive interventions from Kathy. She was a gentile yet powerful presence for us and kept us focused on the process and joy of our daughter's birth. We are very grateful!

John & Maryann Comments "Kathy is a knowledgeable, dependable, gentle companion for the birthing process. She will help you have the best experience possible. "

Jane Comments "Kathy was a quiet, strong,passionate,caring,uplifting,consistant support, that knew my hearts desire, and helped me accomplish it."

Eric J. Comments "TO ALL YOU MEN OUT THERE who are man enough to accept that you need support, too-- Birth is a humbling experience and I relieved my own as I watched my son enter this world. Only this time around, my hand was held throughout it all. Hire a Doula!"

Patricia J. Comments "While the hospital staff was preoccupied, Kathy protected my birthing experience in ways emotional and spiritual. And I can still feel the effects of her devoted sensitivity and humble wisdom as they ripple into my relationship with my baby!"

Doug D. Comments "Kathy was literally indispensable for our family's ability to cope with the arrival of our 8 weeks premature triplets, who were a total of 9 pounds for all three when born. Kathy joined our family when all three babies came home.

Abby Comments "No matter what the situation, Kathy stays focused on her role as a Doula. She actively supports the laboring mother as well as other family members involved in the birth. Her energy is incredible. She is an inspiration to many people.

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