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Third Party Reimbursement

Finally! Also for Hypnobabies!

Flex accounts are VERY reliable for reimbursements!!

Coverage is starting to reimburse, with some insurance more than others for the moment!!!

One of the goals of DONA (Doulas of North America) (The Premier Doula Organization in the Nation) is to make doula care accessible to all women, regardless of ability to pay.

1. I encourage you to ask your Primary Healthcare Provider for a prescription for a Certified Doula for pain management in Labor. If doula care were a standard medical benefit covered by third party payers, many more women would be able to take advantage of doula services. While doula care is non-medical in nature, it has medical and cost benefits that have been proven in numerous andomized controlled trials. DONA believes it is in the best financial interests of those who pay for health care to reimburse the cost of doula care. In 1997, DONA formed a third party reimbursement committee to assist members to successfully approach third party payers.

2. Ask your Insurance to Precertify your Certified Doula, ask your Primary Healthcare Provider to do the same.

3. A receipt from your Doula with the proper codes should be submitted by you to your insurer after full payment to your Doula has been made by you.

4. Repeat this step up to 5 times if necessary, most insurers do not know what a Doula is and a no from your insurer does not mean that you do not have a right to be heard as a Consumer.

5. If you are offered a hearing on this request for coverage, please accept, most Insurers allow conference calling for convenience and you are able to have witnesses testify on your behalf, also through conference calling.

6. Do not hesitate to write local resources about your experience both with your birth and response to your requests for reimbursement for Professional Labor or Postpartum Support.

7. Most importantly, if you care to have the choice for Professional Labor Support easily available to your children when they care to give birth, the work you devote to attaining coverage for yourself now will greatly contribute to this result.

Feedback from families I have served-

Jenny T. Comments "Kathy was an indispensable part of our natural birth experience. At every turn, she had the perfect technique, and she protected our wishes in a hospital setting with vigor & professionalism."

Paul and Mary Dainty Comments "I could not have asked for a better support tool than a Doula. Kathy is a wonderful person, caring, and calm natured. Our birth did not happen as smoothly as planned and we were grateful to have Kathy helping us. We would recommend her to anyone."

Natalie de La Giraudiere Comments "Kathy helped me achieve the birth experience I wanted (successful VBAC in a hospital w/o epidural). She was in tune with me physically and emotionally throughout the labor and understood what I needed help with at every stage. Kathy is awesome! "

Erin and Taylor Lincycomb Comments "We just had Kathy serve us a 2nd time and again it was wonderful! She is just what a family needs to get the kind of birth they want and help with the transition of having a new baby. We highly recommnend anyone having a baby to call her."

Debbie K Comments "I have to admit that I was very skeptical at first about doulas. Kathy now has me convinced that no woman should birth without one. Kathy was more help to me than I could have imagined. I would definately recommend her."

Roni & Mike S. Comments "Kathy is wonderful - a total support to us and a wealth of information - we are blessed with a wonderful daughter and blessed Kathy was there to welcome her into our lives."

Eric K. Comments "Kathy is a top-of-the-line professional. My wife was able to go med-free for the first time in four births. The experience has been incredible- more than this skeptical husband could have hoped for. Hiring Kathy is an investment that pays dividends!"

Cherish Comments "Went all natural, no meds, and she was just the support that my husband and I needed. I definitley recommend and if the occasion arises will want her back. Made me feel very secure and safe."

Anne Shepler Comments "Kathy: no-nonsense; CAPABLE; training and experience with variety of medical situations and techniques; educated on latest research; extremely skilled in pain management; professional and respectful at all times; boundless support and encouragement"

Tonya & Darryl Tooley Comments "Kathy was such a great support for me during my first childbirth experience...especially when things didn't go as originally planned and I had to have a c-section. She and our fabulous doctor worked well together and that meant the world to us."

Isabel White Comments "Husband calls Kathy the Jedi Doula! She was awesome at our daughter's birth, we look forward to her attendance at the birth of our fourth in March. She was really wonderful, highly recommended! Thanks Kathy! ;) ~Isabel"

Debbie Caballero Comments "Kathy is absolutely fantastic! She really empowered me to have the exact birth I wanted. I can't say enough about her. My friends and family don't believe me when I tell them my birth story. Thank you Kathy!"

Douglas and Charlisa Scott Comments "Kathy is bleesed with the gift of caring; and she does so unselfishly! She was a gift to us figuratively and literally. Kathy made our new parenting a smooth transition. We still lean on her throughout Landon's developmental milestones!"

Michael & Nicole Tesoriero Comments "Kathy is a phenomenal person! She made the brith of our first child a very pleasant experience. Her positive attitude gave us the inspiration we needed during the most stressful time in our lives. She was just as helpful after the birth. Thank you !!!"

Taylor and Erin Lincycomb Comments "Kathy is a Godsend! She is such an uplifting and positive person to have during pregancy when you feel frustrated. Then, during labor...priceless. She is perfect on physical and emotional support for the mother and the father. I would use her 100 times."

Cheryl and Tim Grove Comments "Kathy is most compassionate and intuitive. She offers constant support and encouragement to both the birthing mother and the father, and has been more than willing to offer wise advisement to us since our delivery. THANK YOU!!"

Michele Basham May Comments "Hiring Kathy was one of the best choices I made for my pregnancy. Her help was indispensable. Kathy is very intuitive and nurturing; she knows what is needed and how to give it."

Michael & Laura Edmondson Comments "Kathy brought so much confidence to our birth that we were able to go ALL NATURAL. She thoroughly educated us of our rights, so we were able to effectively advocate for our wishes in a hospital setting. We love Kathy and would recommend her services!!!!"

Orlando & Sarina Comments "My husband and I had such a wonderful birth experience thanks to Kathy. She supported both my husband and I beautifully during labor and we both agree that we would not have had the incredible birth experience that we had without her knowledge and support"

Nancy Wright Comments "Drugfree VBAC delivery! I did it with Kathy's constant support, reassurance, and confidence. Her love and enthusiasm embraced all of our family. We couldn't have done it without you! "

Sigal Holdeman Comments "Eitan came 4 weeks early and neither my husband nor I were mentally prepared for his arrival so soon (the car seat was still in the box). Kathey was absolutely wonderful. Twins are now on the way and we are so excited to be able to work with her again."

Jane Fazi Comments "Kathy came over to the house and worked on the phone with me to overcome nursing problems. What a comforting person! Every new mom should be lucky enough to meet Kathy."

Jack's Mom Comments "Kathy, you are a blessing. Thank you so much for making Jack's birth so special for me and David. Support and Education before during and after - best decision we made regarding Jack's birth! We recommend you to anyone expecting a child. "

Barbara & Joe Comments "Kathy was everything I expected and more. She used alot of techniques to give me the perfect birth."

Richard and Marla Kopesec Comments "Absolutely wonderful!! We highly recommend her. Space too small to list all of the good. Worth every penny and more! We will definitely use her for our next child."

Koshi Dhingra Comments "Kathy's care and knowledge made all the difference to our family when we brought our premature twins home. She looked after the twins, taught us loads, allowed us some much-needed rest, and generally built our confidence in looking after Sonia ad Tej "

Michael and Andrea Lyons Comments "Kathy made all of the difference in the world!!! Her loving care and support allowed us to have the most wonderful birth experience. Much better than we ever expected."

Laurie Campbell Comments "Kathy was supportive from the first time we met and she still offers support now as my daughter is 9 mo. old. She went above and beyond to support me."


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