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Welcome to the "NIN" Project Home- Start Date August 2007

Nursing "IS" Normal Project

An ALL Volunteer effort

Project 1 & Project ll completed August 2008&2009 NIN lll coming August 2010

Thank you to ALL the familes who know and share that

Nursing " IS " Normal

This Project has been shared at : Holistic Moms Network 2010, Mothering Magazine website

www.Mothering.com (media)October 2008

2008 La Leche League Conference in Dallas 2008 CAPPA 10th Anniversary Conference in Dallas

Dallas Area Breastfeeding Alliance Recognition Luncheon-2008 Breastfeeding Awareness Month

Welcome Mothers and Babes wherever you make this project a reality in your town:) You are amazing!

The NIN Project 2008 North Texas/New Mexico

North Texas-Nursing "IS" Normal 2009

Madison Wisconsin-Nursing "IS" Normal 2009

The NIN Charlotte/Gastonia 2009

Boise Idaho - Nursing "IS" Normal 2010

Quebeq Canada-Nursing "IS" Normal...english 2011

Quebec Canada-Nursing "IS" Normal...francais 2011

The NIN on Facebook/The Quebec NIN (french) on Facebook

By seeing and supporting nursing, in private and in public, it will become normal. Soon.

The more often something is seen the more normal it becomes.

Nursing Friendly in North Texas

The Spiral Diner - http://www.spiraldiner.com/

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Nursing "IS" Normal