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Hope these Links serve you, they are so worth checking into.

Concepts that Have Come of Age:

Click here to visit Hypnobabies.Complete Childbirth Education


Consumer Reports on Birthing

The Smart, Strong Birth Customer

Doula? Video

Informed Consent and Refusal

Models of Care

Model of Care, Which are YOU? , Settings and Your Birth , WHO and Models of Care

Birth Centers with Great Reviews



Fort Worth

Grand Prairie and Grand Prairie yes, there are 2:)

Mid Cities

Guess/Due Dates

For Parents

Baby Positioning for an easier Birthing

Spinning Babies; Fetal Positioning For Easier Childbirth.

8 Ways To Tell Which Way Baby Is In Your Womb

Preconception Health

WHO-World health ORG Reccomendations ,Natural Family Planning

Prepregnancy Health , Knowing your Body-Graphically ,Preconception Health for Men

Attachment Parenting

Attached From The Heart , Attachments' 8 Principles , Natural Attachments


Alternative GBS Treatment , Group B Strep in Pregnancy , Other GBS Treatments

Cord Clamping

Consent/Refusal , Placenta Encapsulation

Healthy Pregnancy

PreBirth Bond

Brewer Diet For Pregnancy , Kegel Kegel Kegel

Childbirth Education

Hypnobabies-Hypnosis for Childbirth , Wonderful Birthing Stories

Birthing Naturally

Induction For "BIG BABY"

Pelvis / G. Lemay , Know Some things , "BIG Baby"??? , Great video

Birth Plans

Essentials to Planning Your Birth , Consumer Reports on Childbirth

Out of Hospital Birthing

6 Myths About Home Birth , What is "IT" About? , Home Birthing

VBAC and Cesarean Information

International Cesarean Awareness Network , VBAC.com , Forget a C-Section


Dr. Sears , Vaccine Safety ,Vax Schedule

Baby Wearing

Moby Wrap! Moby Instructions

Fussy Baby

The 4th Trimester , Crying Baby

Decoding your Baby's Cry

Sleeping Baby

No Cry Solutions , Nighttimes , Crying Baby

Diaper Free


Pelvic Floor-Love IT! , Tupler Technique


Dr. Jack Newman Nursing Videos , Mothers Milk Bank of North Texas

La Leche League International

Baby Wearing

Wear Your Baby

Alternative Comfort For Pregnancy and Birth

Wonderful Chiropractics for Pregnancy and Family

Special Needs for Children

Fagile X , www.kidneeds.com , Early Childhood Intervention

High Risk Support

For Moms on Bedrest


The Parenting Center


Edna Gladney , Adopting.org , About Adoption

Baby Plans

Future Grace School of Music

Postpartum Plans


BPP/Second Opinion

A Birth Center in Arlington/Grand Prairie-CNM Betty Winford

Consumer Justice-Birth Injury

Mothering Magazine-the best info ahead of your Mothering curve!

The Cochrane Library

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