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Birthing Support for Confidence and Joy


Teaching you to ADVOCATE for yourself, easily and comfortably-for a lifetime and supporting you as your do.

From your friendly neighborhood Doula:)

I have served over 1200 families in 5 counties, 23Home Births, Hospitals and Birth Centers and have served with over 129 care providers including OB's, Midwives and Nurse Midwives since 1995.

I support women and their families in achieving the birth that they desire. Doulas and HypDoulas serve in homes, hospitals and birth centers. I give continuous emotional, physical, and informational support. I ensure that I am always available to look after you and your husband physically and emotionally to attain the birth memory you desire. I provide life skills building and "Proactive Parenting" support as a specialist in this area.

Doulas and HypDoulas...

recognize childbirth as a key life experience that the mother and father will remember all of their lives

    • understand the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of a woman in labor as well as the partners
    • assist the Mother and Father in preparing for and carrying out their CHOICES for the birth
    • stay by the side of the Birthing couple throughout their entire Birth
    • provide emotional support, physical comfort measures, and an objective viewpoint, as well as helping you get the information you need to make decisions you feel empowered by
    • facilitate good communication between the Birthing Mother, Father, and clinical care providers.
    • Doulas perceive their role as nurturing and protecting the memory of your birth experience
    • I am so fortunate to have met and learned from:
    • Kerry Tuschoff , Founder of Hypnobabies:)
    • Ina May Gaskin , THE American Midwife:)
    • Penny Simkin, co founder of Doulas International with DONA:
    • So many others, Home Birth Midwives, Birth Center Midwives and The UNT Health Midwives)
Studies have shown that having a doula may decrease:
Epidural use by 60% Cesarean birth by 50% Pitocin use by 40% Narcotics use by 30% Forceps use by 30% Length of labor by 25%

Click here to visit Hypnobabies.

Four Hearts Services includes;

Certified Doula (DONA) Certified HypDoula and Placenta Encapsulator

  • Home visit one- 1 hour meeting to give you information and allow you to decide if I am a good match for you, as this is a very intimate time your Doula shares, it is essential that you are comfortable! This is likely to increase the "DOULA EFFECT". A list of interview questions, other Doulas, or references are provided upon request.
  • Home visit two- 2&1/2 hour meeting in which you go over your fears/desires/hopes for your Birth with a CHOICE sheet I provide to you. This tool (with over 100 choices on it that are made for you unless you care to make them yourself-yes you have the right to make EACH choice for YOUR Birthing) acts as a communications format for you and your primary and as a navigational tool for me so that I may serve you more fully. This sheet is a teaching tool for adding to your chart and your provider can review it.
  • I am happy to meet your provider if I have not .
  • It supports continuity if your Provider is not on call or unavailable for your delivery.
  • Home visit three- 2&1/2 hour meeting called a "DRY RUN". What it is like at home and the hospital. We will practice several comfort measures and coping skills, several pushing positions for birthing with and without an epidural. We go over when to call me and specific signs of your Birthing and its progress.

    ************* Early Parenting********Home visit four*********

    This is a special addition for your special addition, a class to support early parenting skills and raise confidence!

  • All of Birthing, and up to 2 hours Postpartum- I remain with you from the time you think you are in labor, (even if you want to do early labor at home) transporting to the hospital with you, staying till 2 hours after your birth to insure bonding and latch on. I also call or come by the next day to visit.
  • 24/7 phone support-I am available by phone 24/7 to check in with after visits to your healthcare provider or even if you just want to talk about how you feel, ask questions about early labor or just need support. This is for Mom & Dad!
  • 2-3 week follow up- I write a Birthday Card addressed to the baby about the birth. This offers an opportunity for closure and discussion of your feelings about your birth.
  • If at that time you were happy with the services you received from me, you may pay the balance of my fee, if not it is yours to keep. If you choose to keep the remainder of my fee, I ask that you submit suggestions in writing so that I may serve the next couple more fully.
  • Placenta Encapsulation: I receive and prepare your placenta in capsule form and tincture
  • Nursing support- Tongue-Tie Assesment included-Besides l latch on and in person nursing support, I will supply contact numbers for a LaLeche support group and leader near you and OR a Lactation Specialists in your area.
  • I also tweak your skills up a notch as you feel more competant!
  • Tips and tricks-by phone for free or visits on new parenting issues, nursing issues and general postpartum recovery .

4 Hearts Services
Fort Worth, Tx