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"One of my greatest wishes: Babies will be competently checked at birth by their Midwives, Lactation Consultants and Pediatricians who have learned to identify all 4 classes of all 3 tongue and lip ties for a healthy nursing Baby, mouth, Mom and life and will recommend competent Dentists using laser surgery to refer families to in our communities. " KathyO

"Milk of Human Kindness"

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Breastfeeding Support /Tongue Tie&Breastfeeding Specialist

I am grateful to Drs. Cynthia and Jim Bob Haggerton for bringing awareness and opportunity of Tongue Tie release here in North Texas, for introducing "the pioneer" of comfortable nursing when Lactation Consult does not improve a Mother and Child's nursing experience-DR. Kotlow and for the profound joy that

Dr. Hugh Oser provides to the nursing community in North Texas beyond thorough and precise Frenectomy laser services. Dr. Stacy Cole does Frenectomies also, M-Th 817.731.9291

Breastfeeding Should Be Fun AND Enjoyable...by Dr. Kotlow


Effects of Maxillary Frenum Attachment

.....and for Parents and Professionals


The IATP defines tongue-tie as an: Embryological remnant of tissue in the midline between the undersurface of the tongue and the floor of the mouth that restricts normal tongue movement.

I am a Breastfeeding/Post-Frenectomy Specialist

http://get.adobe.com/reader/ if you should need a reader begin here



Post operative care

You will provide your Child's mouth with a month or more of care with 4 periods of post surgical exercise per day and is necessary to ensure that no reattachment occurs. By coming in for consult and possible surgery, you agree to the responsibility of the daily periodic exercises and to return for your Baby's' postoperative follow up with in one week. It will be necessary for you to sign a consent and photo release so that photo documentation of the procedure can be viewed by families and professionals in the future as a learning opportunity. Post operatively, you will be seen in approximately 4-7 days time for a follow up consult to verify health of surgical site and prevent reattachment. If reattachment of the frenum is found, the site will have to be torn open and the 4-6 week regimen will need to begin again. Please vigorously do the exercises of your Child's mouth so this is unnecessary and thorough healing can occur the first time.

If you are nursing, you will be asked to nurse your Child right after the surgery; please bring a bulb suction incase of excessive mucous so that you can clear this and Baby can nurse easily.

To review- After check-in: Meet your Dentist, who will do an assessment. If needed and you should opt for treatment: Your Baby will go with Dr. Oser to surgery while you finish paperwork and watch a video and learn skills as you wait approximately 15 minutes.With Dr. Cole, you will hold your Baby yourself.

Your baby will receive two drops of Tylenol ( The DRS. Haggerton suggest arnica and trameel-both homeopathics), and a small amount of sugar water on a cotton roll to soothe your Child. Your Child will be swaddled and fitted with laser protective eyewear. Surgery is about 10-15 minutes with the laser followed by a cold laser treatment for healing as well as site application of vitamin E. A small amount of sugar water again be given to soothe and comfort your Baby.

Your child will return to you, you will nurse if you have a nursing Baby and you will receive information as well as skills and encouragement-also your responsibilities post operative for 14 days and an appointment for follow up will be set as you leave.

We know you will follow these steps carefully and completely to assure the finest lifetime results. I provide phone support as a gift-please call me at 817.924.1773


"My testimonial - Two days after my consult with Dr Oser, he performed the frenectomy on my two week old little girl after my midwife, Sarah Jones, referred me to him. She had both a tongue tie and a pretty severe lip tie as well. I was told to nurse her immediately after the procedure there in the office with Kathy to help and the difference was immediate and amazing. Prior to the surgery, nursing my baby was excruciating and took an hour or more, both of us usually ending up crying by the end of it since she couldnt latch well and I could barely stand the pain. I was skeptical of if there would really be immediate change but it was incredible! No pain whatsoever! beforehand I didnt know if I could continue on nursing my child, no matter how much I wanted to, but now both of us are pros at this and I'm completely in love with nursing! I am SO appreciative to Dr. Oser for his gentle help and will continue to recommend him to moms of little ones with a lip or tongue tie. DFW is incredibly blessed to have such an amazing doctor on hand :)" ~ Bethany C

NIN Project

The REAL Greening of the Planet

Holistic Moms Network

To date, human milk is the only substance available to provide complete nutrition and immunologic protection to the human infant. Infant health outcomes from receiving human milk correlate with both immediate and lifelong effects on children's lives. Added outcomes of human lactation are the physical and psychological benefits for the lactating woman. Additionally, lactation and breastfeeding have the potential to save money for families, tax payers, employers, and the healthcare system. I believe in

Mother/BabyFriendly, Evidence Based Care and that the Family is the cnter of all care.

I support all women who nurse- providing, resources, physical support, emotional support and information.

I refer frequently to La Leche League as well as Lactation Consultants. I also support the TDH (Texas Department of Health as laid out below). Nocturnal Nursing group on Facebook is excellent for support also!

Texas public and private sectors need to implement strategies to create environments that facilitate breastfeeding as the norm of infant feeding. All entities involved in maternal and infant health need to become more knowledgeable on how to assist mothers with breastfeeding management, provide services that maximize the importance of human milk to infants, incorporate lactation-support programs into the field of maternal and child healthcare services, and implement policies and strategies that protect the success of breastfeeding.


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