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Kathy O'Brien CD-Doula (DONA) HCHI, HD-HypDoula, Placenta Encapsulator, Breastfeeding Specialist

I am so grateful to all of the families that have and do allow me to serve them, you fill my heart with the most remarkable memories and beauty. Thank you so much.

"Unless you know what your options are they do not exist"

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I moved from San Dieog to Fort Worth, and met my husband, Danny O'Brien while working at the Fort Worth State School for the Mentally Retarded .

There, we began a lifelong collaboration working with families and a very exciting relationship. We share a basic Humanitarian Philosophy. We believe in partial barter for our services when needed.

Our son, Ian Matthew naturally, at home, and was born prematurely, suffering extensive brain damage, hydrocephalic, heart murmurs and Hylines Membrane Disease.

Our miracle (faith never wavered) stayed 6 weeks in Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) at John Peter Smith Hospital, and received prayers from around the world.

Dr. Nelms was our Neonatologist along with Dr. Schwartz and Ian came home the day after Christmas.

Our second miracle, our daughter (Kami) was born10 and 1/2 months later, completely natural, no monitors or salinewll or iv, and was well, premature and tiny, in the Birthing Room pilot program at Harris Methodist Hospital by invitation of Dr. John Jeffers. Kami stayed 11 days in Harris NICU, I returned around the clock to nurse her.

Both babies were breastfed and as part of a Preemie study and were followed by the Child Study Center for 2 years. Although I nursed them of my own desire to do so.

Ian and Kami have been gifts beyond measure in our lives. Ian has a post graduate degree and Kami has her degree.

While sharing parenting at home, Danny continued his service to the our community in the areas of Mental Retardation, Autism, Runaways, Emotional Disturbance, Juvenile Parolees, Drug Addiction, Mental Health Clinics, In-Home Parenting Training, Sexual Abuse, and Alternative Education. And today participates with me in our Hypnobabies Classes and is a great resource for Dads and Moms.

Danny is an artist whose chosen medium is digital/graphic arts, we love picturing people together and the bonds between them. He has focused on the therapeutic value of..."Picturing People Well".

Danny and I share photographic artistic endeavors. The value of "Picturing People Well" has lead to: Bonding Photography and

The NIN Project-Nursing "IS" Normal.

Something I consider to be the ultimate in beauty and bonding. Together we use the term "Bonding Photography" to describe the profound, visible and possible connections between parent and child.

My skills learned from caring for my 4 siblings in a single parent home and commitment to strong family health has allowed me to focus on our family including 5th-8th grade Calvert home schooling with Ian and Kami.

I am committed to providing support and services to other families in my vocation as a Doula, trained by Linda Worzer. Many of the first births I attended were as a volunteer in the Labor Companion Program at Peter Smith Hospital from 1995-1997. I was trained by Marlys Spikes while she was at JPSH. I believe in a Doula for every Birthing family who wishes one. I was Certified in 1998 after completing many volunteer births.

I serve in birth with families of singletons, twins and triplets, am experienced with preemies & special needs- Down Syndrome, Autism, Hydro & Micro Cephally, CAH, failure to thrive, SUA & Postpartum Depression as well as many other issues including nursing issues and am a tongue-tie specialist.

I provide one on one early parenting, All Natural Childbirth Education, breastfeeding support. Placenta Encapsulation, & education as a Doula and Hypnobabies Childbirth Instructor. As a Birth and Postpartum Doula, I provide Breastfeeding and Proactive Parenting Support in your home, at birth and in our community. I have been In-Home Parent Coaching for 17 years and am a Life Coach to several clients. I am a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist..

By raising your confidence and skill level, I hope to happily and in good faith, work myself out of a job.:) Though never out of contact!

Service to families, Breastfeeding ,Community Education, empowerment of Families and a Doula for every Birthing woman who wants one, are my priorities.

I have served The State School for the Mentally Retarded, MHMR, Littlest Angels, Autistic Treatment Center, YMCA, The Bridge Emergency Youth Shelter, Westwood Emotionally Disturbed Juvenile Unit, and the United States Census.

I am a member of Hypnobabies, Doulas of North America (DONA), Founder of Doulas of Tarrant County (DOTC), The Birth Network and have been an Advisor toThe Fort Worth/Dallas Birthing Project. I am founder of the NIN Project, now in 5 states and Canada and Brazil.

I am published in the International Doula and have provided photographs for several nonprofit publications. I habe been a New Lives and Fort Worth/Dallas Birthing Project Supporter/volunteer.

I teach in the community, have spoken at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Conference, to Nursing Students at Arlington Memorial Hospital, to Senior Nursing Students at UT in Arlington as well as at the State Capital presenting a Doula bill and representing Doulas . I educate, and support fully Informed Consent and Refusal, CIMS, the Patient Bill of Rights, lecture, speak, teach and inservice by appointment as well as make referrals to Doulas, Midwives, Doctors, Hospitals, Birth Centers and Services in our community. I am very fortunate to be a Doula:) and equally fortunate to know so many wonderful Mother Centered, Mother/Child Friendly care providers ,families, educators, volunteers and supporters in the Metroplex! I am thrilled to serve often with the local Birth Center and HomeBirth Midwives as well as the

UNT Health Midwives at Harris Hospital

I am a Certified Hypnobabies All Natural Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor!




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