Kathy O'Brien

Birth Doula, HypDoula, All Natural Natural Childbirth Educator,

Placenta Encapsulator, Parenting&Breastfeeding Specialist


"Replacing Anxiety with Confidence"

Kathy O'Brien CD(DONA) HD, HCHI, CHT

817.924.1773... Over 1200 Births served since 1995

"Unless you know what your options are, they do not exist"

Birth Doula Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor

775.00 Birth Service

225.00 Placenta Encapsulation

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As your Doula, I recognize your childbirth as a "key" life experience you will remember forever, treating you with great respect. Pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period are milestone events in the continuum of life. These experiences profoundly affect women, babies,fathers, and families and have important and long-lasting effects on society.

Mother Friendly Doula/Childbirth Educator/Clinical Hypnotherapist

Placenta Encapsulator/Tongue Tie and Breastfeeding Specialist

including multiples, problems nursing and same sex support

Certified in 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013


Feedback from Families Served

Melissa Comments "Kathy gave us the information, support and strength to make my birth experience exactly as I wanted! We will surely use her services again!"

Eric Nakasone Comments "Kathy is fantastic. She helps with every aspect of the delivery. She made it very comfortable for my wife who was in obvious pain at the time. Her care and support is just like family. Thanks for everything."

Kelly, Scott, Lark and Townes Comments "For both of my births, Kathy was an AMAZING person to be able to rely on. Her knowledge and caring insight is priceless."

Monica Hayes Comments "Our classes with Kathy made me realize I just needed tofocus on doing what my body told me to and that she would guide my husband so theycould both support and comfort me. We were educated but didn't have to 'remember' anything. Such loving support."

Bill and Karen Pino Comments "Bill and I highly recommend Kathy O'Brien as a birthing and lactation doula, as well as a childbirth educator. With the birth of our first child, she was and continues to be a wealth of knowledge and a generously caring support to our family. "

Kerry and Lee Smith Comments "Kathy was incredible. She immediately set a peacefultone and helped me to be at ease. I highly recommend Kathy!"

Frank, Lena, and Joe's parents Comments "Kathy was with us for the birth of all three of our kids. We are so grateful for her support, advocacy, and dependability. She is a fabulous doula and a wonderful person."

Brian Gibson Comments "As a first time father, Kathy was instrumental in me feeling comfortable in my role as comforter for my wife while she birthed our daughter. Kathy was wonderful to work with."

Cynthia Comments "Kathy's love pours forth in every aspect of childbirth education and the birth experience. She instilled in me such a sense of confidence and joy in natural birthing at home. She was so fully present during the birthing. Kathy truly is a sacred gem. "

Deon Comments "Kathy made the homebirth of our second baby even more special. Shewas an incredible help with Hypnobabies. Having her support made even back labor easily bearable."

Whitney Bell Comments "Amazing Lady with an amazing talent. I could not imagine my first few weeks with out her."

Jennifer and Jamie Walsh Comments "We could not have had the wonderful experience we did with out Kathy. "

Katherine, Jeff & Baby Wesley Comments "We are so happy that Kathy joined us for the birth of our son. She was the most wonderful gift we could have given ourselves and our baby during this amazing and special time in our lives. She's truly priceless and we love her!!!"

Eric & Debbie K. Comments "While this was our fifth birth, it was only our second with Kathy. I can't imagine being able to attain the natural (pain med free) births I had theselast two times without her knowledge and skill in coping with labor. "

Janine and Chuck Sullivan Comments "Kathy is a true blessing! With her help, I experienced a joyous, undmedicated birth. During my long labor Kathy remained calm, tender and was always attentive. She's not only a beautful person, but also a very knowledgable one. She's GREAT!"

Angela Callaway Comments "Kathy's wonderful support and comforting spirit were all the meds I have ever needed. She has assisted the unmedicated birth of both of my babies--1 in the hospital and 1 home birth.

Bridget Moore and Scott Bulger Comments "Kathy made all the difference for us when we had Kathleen. She worked with us so that we knew what to expect and how to handle it, and we were able to minimize the amount of time that we spent in the hospital. She is so caring and loving and supportive."

Cassie, Roger, Ephram and Gideon Comments "Kathy was a lifesaver. We really appreciate her helping during Gideon's birth. She helped me have the birth experience I wanted. She'll always be close to our family. "

Sarina Waughh Comments "We just had our second child using Kathy and as with the first, Kathy helped to make it a truly wonderful experience. She is truly an Angel and we will never have a baby without using Kathy as our Doula."

Tabitha, Ronnie, and baby Julian Comments "I cannot imagine not having Kathy there for us a doula. She was our instructor for Hypnobabies and she was there for my birth. Kathy's use of accupressure was awesome! Plus she helped me with breastfeeding tips postpartum. She's the best!"

Serving Birth Center, Home & Hospital Births including all couple choices and most couples needs-single, twin and triplet, same sex couples Births. Serving 5 counties, 23 hospitals, Birth Centers and a firm supporter of Midwifery in Birthing.For hospital Birth with many more automatic choices UNT Health Midwives:)

Tonguetie Release/Frenectomy DFW

Tarrant County Birth Network Member

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NIN Project-Nursing "IS" Normal

I am a Certified Doula, Hypnobabies Instuctor, Certified Childbirth Educator, HypDoula, Birth and Postpartum Doula/Night Nanny and Tongue Tie Specialist

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"Unless you know what your options are, they do not exist"

-Kathryn O'Brien CD(DONA), HCHI, HD, TTS, PE

If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it. -John Kennell, MD

Wife, Mother, Hypnobabies Instuctor , Childbirth Educator, Doula, Hypnodoula, Postpartum Doula, Member of DONA, CAPPA, Hypnobabies , HAPPIEST BABY, NIN Project, Breastfeeding/Parenting (all ages) SpecialistPostpartum Doula (singletons, twins and triplets, including overnights) Night Nurse/Instructor Parenting Educator/Trainer/Consultant , Lecturer, Writer, Photographer, Tongue Tie Specialst,Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Trauma Release Specialist, same sex support and Placenta Encapsulation



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